— Mel McKenzie is a designer, illustrator, and comic book enthusiast living in rural Pennsylvania.

“I double-majored in Multimedia Communications and Applied Technologies at the Allegany College of Maryland. I am a self taught designer/artist and love exploring different styles of work.

I balance my day job with personal creative work, like comic writing and story boarding, which is published online through Line Webtoon and Tapas Comics. I plan on publishing a full length Graphic Novel (which has been in production for the last year and a half) hopefully within the next year. My novel will be available digitally and in print through Amazon and other retailers.

My creative approach is to simply start drawing and let my ideas flow through the shapes and patterns I see on my page. While design is intentional, some of my best ideas come from happy accidents (Thanks, Bob Ross.) that occur in the messy brainstorming process.

For me, design isn’t just about cool looking graphics, but rather, a way to tell a story to your audience. It’s a way to convey ideas and emotions to another individual through a combination of images and symbols. It’s magic.”