7 Must Have Books for Beginners in Comics

So you have an amazing idea for making a comic or graphic novel, now what do you do? How do you get started? Whether you just like making comics as a hobby, or dream of being published – making a comic is A LOT of work and if you’ve never produced a comic on a larger scale (if at all) you may feel a little befuddled starting out. Making a comic is more than just drawing pretty pictures.

1) The Complete Guide to Self Publishing Comics

Getting published in comics the traditional way is extremely difficult for the average comic artist Self publishing is a great way to get your work out there! This book will show you the complete process to create and distribute your very own comic book/graphic novel! It delves briefly into creating your concept, writing a script, drawing scenes, coloring your comic, adding lettering, publishing your book, and marketing your work. As a beginner, it’s a great place to start and understand the full production process of making a comic.

2).Writing and Illustrating the Graphic Novel (All New Edition)

I really enjoyed this book because it delves a bit more into art composition and how it influences the feel of a story. It also shows you how to ink, color, and letter your novel.

3) Creating Stylized Characters

Ok if you love drawing, you probably have a book by 3DtotalPublishing. They have awesome books to help you make more interesting art and characters. This book is awesome for walking you through the process of creating fully designed character concepts. If you’re making a comic – you are going to want cool characters, right!? This book walks you through a bunch of character concepts and the steps taken from sketch to full rendering.

4) The Manga Startup Guide – How to Pen and Ink

Even if you aren’t drawing a traditional “manga” style novel – this book has great tips for inking and toning a comic for black and white print. From applying tone, to creating outlines and composition, this is a great book for beginners. I highly recommend this if you want to try making your first “manga” or just a black and white toned comic in general.

5) Making Comics

Buy this book. Why is this book so awesome? Because it tells you how to write comics…. and it is a comic! There’s no better way to learn how to form scenes with better composition and how to tell a story than by seeing it in action.

6) Foundations in Comic Book Art

This book focuses mainly on the art of a comic and scene composition along with how to outline and hatch in ink. This book, along with others on this list, shows how to do a lot of traditional art with pen and paper, but all of this can be applied to digital art as well if you plan on drawing your comics digitally.

7) The Art of Comic Book Writing

Last but not least, The Art of Comic Book Writing is a must have for those that will be taking on the task of writing and scripting a comic book/graphic novel. It covers proper story telling arcs, along with the lingo you need for writing scripts for yourself or your artists to follow.

I hope this list of recommended books helps you start your comic book journey! You have a long ways to go, but if you keep going – you will have a super cool story to show the world!

Please Note: All these books I have purchased and use. When clicking a product link, I may receive a small commission on purchases. This helps keep the blog afloat!

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