Best Workflow for Making Comics

While I would LOVE to have a team help me with my Web Comic… financially – it’s just not possible at this point. I’ve been producing CATFISH for almost 2 years now (and A Passing Whim before that). I’ve learned quite a few things along the way about the production process and what works best (for me!)

Your workflow is the process you use to get work done as quick and efficiently as possible. There’s several steps to making a comic:

  1. Scripting
  2. Sketching
  3. Inking
  4. Coloring
  5. Lettering
  6. Formatting
  7. Publishing (Did I forget anything?)

When I first started in comics I would write out my entire script, then make each entire page one at a time from beginning to end. For my first comic, A Passing Whim, I did this the entire comic.

However, my process now seems much faster, less tedious, and a little more flexible.

  1. I start my script for the chapter. Sometimes it’s completed – other times I write the beginning and end and fill in the middle as I go.
  2. I will storyboard and sketch a few pages at a time.
  3. I will then spend a day or so inking all the pages I sketched.
  4. Spend a day lettering.
  5. Spend a day or so coloring/formatting for publishing later.
  6. Schedule updates for publish on Line Webtoon and Tapas.

This process allows me to do work in bulk and I prefer that sort of thing. Some days I’m tired and just want to ink over sketches without thought. Other days I’m more inspired and want to let the creativity flow through sketches and story boarding! For me, this seems to be the best workflow.

I also don’t fully write out my script. I know the beginning and end, so I script out those parts from the beginning. As I draw and think about the story – the middle will fill itself in and I’ll script it as the story line comes to me. I make a lot less script changes this way as well (something I did a lot of with A Passing Whim).

Have you found the perfect workflow for you? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear what you think works best (I may learn a new trick or two to implement into my routine!)

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