Graphic Design

Logos and Graphics for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs. My work is a mix of my personal flair along with the client’s personal vision to create a design that communicates well with an audience.

Trendy social buttons using gradients and cartoon-ish lines. I wanted them to look hand-drawn but clean and evenly shaped.
Local small town business was looking to revamp their logo. I wanted to make something spooky and inspired by 80’s horror comics. Normally I keep my line art – but for this piece I liked the appearance without it.
Logo for a “kawaii” brand that sells cute Japanese inspired art prints. I chose a simple black and white theme like Japanese Manga but added a pop of color.
Local Jewelry business needed a logo for their jewelry made from bullets and gems. They wanted a simplistic design that would look good overlaying images.

Brochures, shirts, mugs, business cards – I make them all. The client pays for the initial design and then can easily reorder items and merch as needed.

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